Singapore Airlines AppChallenge 2022 - Startup Track

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API and resources available for the Singapore Airlines AppChallenge 2022 participating teams.


Singapore Airlines API


As part of SIA's KrisConnect Programme, you can get access to SIA's information and functionalities to improve your customers' experience. SIA has made this possible by developing APIs, both the industry standard NDC API as well as SIA proprietary APIs which provide real-time information and functionalities to improve the customer experience across the travel journey.

From flight booking related APIs, loyalty programme APIs, to New Distribution Capabilities (NDC) APIs to enhance the booking experience and capabilities of your solution. Register now to get access to them!

Useful Links to get started:

Design Guidelines and Assets

You may visit Singapore Airlines Design language centre for guidelines and assets.


Personal Developer Instances by ServiceNow

To accelerate your solutions as part of Singapore Airlines AppChallenge, participating teams have unlimited access to ServiceNow instances by using Personal Developer Instances (PDIs). This gives the ability for teams to innovate on the  Gartner leader for Low-Code Application platforms. Read all about Low-Code Application Development on ServiceNow here.

You can obtain your PDI on the ServiceNow developer website. Please refer to this short guide if you need any assistance in setting up your PDI.

Getting started with development on ServiceNow is easy. Here is a useful learning guide available on the developer site to introduce you to application development.


Zoom Video SDK by ZOOM

Zoom Video SDK allows developers to accelerate development and build fully customizable video-based applications with the performance, scale, and reliability of Zoom's industry-leading video-first communications platform. Zoom Video SDK enables the following functionality in your applications such as launching a video communication session instantly, share screen, sending instant chat messages during video sessions and many more.

Free 100,000 video minutes per month to help you build your prototype

Exclusively for Singapore Airlines AppChallenge, Zoom will be providing a Developer Sandbox Environment for each team that comes with 100,000 video session minutes per month, till 31 Dec 2022. Click here for the instructions to register.

Useful links to get started with Zoom Video SDK:

Use Zoom Video SDK in your solution for a chance to win the Best Zoom Tech prize

The winning team will have the opportunity to have an exclusive virtual meet-and-greet with the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Zoom, Eric S. Yuan. The winning team will be able to share their motivations behind their solution and what they aspire to achieve moving forward. This prize will be awarded to the team who makes the best use of the Zoom SDK/ API to redefine the aviation and travel experience and improve how we communicate in today's connected world. Submissions will be judged on uniqueness, depth of Zoom SDK usage, and best business viability.


Amadeus for Developers

Amadeus for Developers is an open API platform that makes it quick and easy to connect to Amadeus APIs and start building new solutions. On the developer portal, you can get instant access to a catalog of Self-Service APIs offering travel data and functionalities for every step of the journey - from inspiration and artificial intelligence-derived travel insights, to flight and hotel booking or information about tourist attractions or local safety – as well as documentation, guides, tutorials and more to help you get started quickly.

Find out more from the following resources:

Connect with the Amadeus for Developers community:


Astra DB by DataStax

Made available to all participants of Singapore Airlines AppChallenge

Astra DB helps developers build Cassandra apps faster and without the cost of self-managed operations. Reduce deployment time from weeks to minutes, grow with serverless pricing, and enjoy the freedom of multi-cloud and open source.

Signing up is free and easy. All new sign up comes with a USD300/year credit. Click here to sign up.

Click to learn more about: Astra DB

DataStax Academy

Whether you are just starting your quest to be an Apache Cassandra professional, or looking to become an expert, DataStax Academy is the place to develop and enhance your skills. Register now to browse the courses available for free.

Follow a Learning Path to gain an expert understanding of Apache Cassandra™ and DataStax Enterprise principles related to your role. Be DataStax Certified for free. Click the relevant links to find out more.


Participate in our workshops to gain some skills!

Introduction to Cassandra for Developers

Provided by DataStax, this Crash Course will guide you through the basics of Apache Cassandra and help you understand distributed database systems.

Build a digital library with thousands of entries with AstraDB

A simple ReactJS Netflix homepage clone running on Astra DB that leverages the GraphQL API with paging and infinite scrolling.

Build apps fast with App Engine

Provided by ServiceNow, App Engine’s unique platform approach to low code development can help you build cross-enterprise apps fast and deliver experiences your end users love!

App Build Walkthrough of a Vehicle Request Application

Demonstrates how a vehicle request app is built using App Engine Studio, the low code application development environment.

Create a custom Integration Hub action – Learn integrations on the Now Platform

Demonstrates how a custom IntegrationHub REST API action is created using the action designer action leveraging it in Flow Designer, plus using a code snippet to trigger the action from a server side script.

Getting Started with Amadeus Self-Service Travel APIs

Learn how to quickly start building your travel app with Amadeus Self-Service APIs. This guide will cover creating your free account, getting your API key and making your first call.

Past AppChallenges

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